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Oleg Kelly, 36

I’m a Galway native and have been cycling across this city, in one direction or another for about twenty-five years. In the early years it was to and from school. It may be that this was a good time to learn about cycling in traffic (we’re talking the early 90’s) and though busy, the traffic […]

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Niamh Cotter, 35

I choose to cycle for many reasons, primarily because I enjoy riding a bike. After a days work,  cycling home energises me far more than sitting in traffic does. Both the mental and physical health benefits are great, and with the right gear I can enjoy cycling in any weather. However, Galway is not a […]

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Paul Gallagher, 35

Last year, I decided to start cycling to work in Parkmore Industrial Estate. The over-whelming majority of over 6000 people who work in Parkmore drive in single driver vehicles. The journey from my home in Renmore was just as possible on a bike. For the sake of the environment, I felt if I could help […]

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