Galway is ideal for cycling. It boasts sea views and mostly flat terrain, while its compact size means most trips are short. In fact, 44% of workers, 70% of college students and 56% of secondary students live within a 25-minute cycle of work or education. No wonder Galway has the highest commuter cycling rate in Ireland. Even the weather isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be – and whatever it’s like, cycling makes you feel you’ve been outdoors.

Cycling makes your life longer, healthier, and more enjoyable. It improves balance, mobility, strength and endurance. It’s a simple way to get and stay fit, and it’s very easy on the joints. Cycling gives you a feeling of independence. You can stop and talk to someone or change direction with little difficulty. Cycling means big savings, an end to traffic jams and parking problems (more or less), and a huge reduction in stress and hassle. It’s kind to the environment, and it’s much safer than you think – but only when done with skill and common sense.

We’re deeply grateful to all the participants and helpers: the models, photographers, editors, graphic designers, translators, and volunteers. Last but not least, we want to thank cyclists everywhere. The more cyclists there are, the safer the roads become. Cycling safely is your most important contribution to cycling safety.

  • Oleg Kelly, 36 - I’m a Galway native and have been cycling across this city, in one direction or another for about twenty-five years. In the early years it was to and from school. It may be that this was a good time to learn about cycling in traffic (we’re talking the early 90’s) and though busy, the traffic […]
  • Niamh Cotter, 35 - I choose to cycle for many reasons, primarily because I enjoy riding a bike. After a days work,  cycling home energises me far more than sitting in traffic does. Both the mental and physical health benefits are great, and with the right gear I can enjoy cycling in any weather. However, Galway is not a […]
  • Paul Gallagher, 35 - Last year, I decided to start cycling to work in Parkmore Industrial Estate. The over-whelming majority of over 6000 people who work in Parkmore drive in single driver vehicles. The journey from my home in Renmore was just as possible on a bike. For the sake of the environment, I felt if I could help […]
  • William Corless - I lived in Galway city until I was 25 and cycled everywhere, I only learned how to drive when I moved to Claregalway. I found sitting in traffic a hugely frustrating experience, especially since I was used to the freedom that my bike gave me. For years I was frustrated with traffic in Claregalway, but […]
  • Antóin Óg Ó Cuinneagáin - Normally when cycling to work from Knocknacarra to Mervue I usually cycle across the quincentennial bridge however this morning I decided on a whim to cycle by the prom…and was treated to a beautiful sunrise This post is also available in: Irish

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