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Mike and Rob McDonagh

Galwegians Mike (Engineer) and Rob McDonagh (Personal Trainer)
“Who didn’t love the freedom of biking as a young person growing up? The freedom and the simple enjoyment of moving fast on two wheels? For me, cycling has always been a great passion, whether racing bikes as a youngster, mountain biking in college or commuting to work. My bike time is mostly commuting these days – it’s as fun as it ever was, it gets me from A to B faster than 4 wheels, and it keeps me and my pocket healthier. Cycling is a winner!” – Mike

“With a busy work schedule I find cycling is the best way to get around Galway city: it’s not dependent on traffic and does not mean waiting on buses. It’s really reliable, fast and a great workout that keeps me in top shape. My philosophy is: why take a bus to work and then go to the gym and cycle a stationary bike for half an hour? Our environment is our gym! I cycle because I enjoy it – whether it’s a leisurely cycle, going to work or a good training session.” – Rob

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