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Sadhbh Baxter, Researcher, NUIG. Started cycling 4 years ago with West Coast Wheelers Cycling Club, and has done a bit of everything since – road and mountain bike racing, charity cycles, and sportive events. Cycles to work too, so it’s a rare day that she’s not on a bike. Has had many great experiences and met some wonderful people through being involved in cycling.

“When I think of cycling, I think of summer evenings, headwind, suspension fork, low gears, mini pump, on the drops, cold mornings, water bottle, smooth roads, spare tube, mudguards, road bike, tailwind, team mate, pannier bags, high gears, out of breath, easing up, chainrings, track pump, tired legs, time trial, helmet, disc brakes, road racing, sharp climbs, mountain bike, lungs bursting, waterproof socks, dusty trails, hi-vis vest, saddle bag, long spins, muddy trails, beating the traffic, holding a wheel, thinking time, hill climbs, quiet roads, happy smiles, heart pumping, leisurely spins, personal goals, pre-race nerves, tyre levers, oiled chain, club spins, long hills, front light, fast spins, rocky descents, Allen keys, commuting bike, summer mitts, burning legs, heavy legs, muddy bike, rear light, pushing hard, winter gloves, yellow jersey, support team.”

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