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Páraic Breathnach, Managing Director of Galway Arts Centre

“When I was a young boy I saved up to get a bicycle but it was taking too long to get the cash for a new one so I got an old bike and bought the parts and did it up.

My first bike represented freedom, and the long Sundays that I spent cycling around the parish were some of the best days of my youth. I use my bike nearly every day and I still get a sense of freedom and excitement when I hop on the bike in the morning. Even the lack of cycle lanes and the constant danger from motorists does not dent my enjoyment of cycling.

The only thing that really annoys me are other cyclists, the ones that cycle on the pavement, that break traffic lights, that refuse to indicate their direction and of course the ones that don’t see any need for lights or high-visibility clothing. But despite the danger and frustration of being a cyclist in Galway it is still the only way to beat the traffic and arrive at work in good spirits, that is if the Galway rain does not bring you down.”

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